Auralite-23 Transformational Power Wand


Wand properties: Transformation, Healing, Clarity, Awakening, Activation, Communication

Auralite is said to be the most powerful gemstone on this planet!
Auralite-23 Crystal is also known as Auralite 23, Auralite Amethyst or Kindred Spirit Crystal. It is also called “A New Stone of the New Consciousness” because of it’s high frequency and abundance of metaphysical properties. Auralite-23 is unusual and attractive, contains many silicate minerals and metals. Coloring is primarily translucent assortment of purple, gray, clear, orange, red (the red tips are from iron, this is more visible in larger crystals).

Auralite-23 crystal is a new crystal for Code Clearing, DNA Healing and Cellular Activation. It is the Stone of Awakening on every level. The metaphysical properties of natural crystal combinations like the Super 7, are taken to another level with this new find from Northern Canada. Auralite-23 crystal is part of the Sacred Geometry of the Earth’s Core and the New as One Light frequencies. The Auralite Crystal connects to its keeper like a twin spirit, and teaches that "all is as one", reminding us of how alike to one another we are, despite outer differences. Due to its many properties, this crystal offers so much! Auralite reads into your Spirit, searching and highlighting that which could be improved, and that which can benefit from healing or clearing. It will then give support and help to light the way to sources that can be of benefit once it has completed its search.

Auralite 23 properties include.

Considered the most powerful crystal on the planet with 23 crystals in one!
Empath protection
Calling in your twin flame if you are ready and they are as well
Pineal gland activation
Master Channelling crystal
Clears all chakras
Opens crown chakras
Aids intuitive abilities
Self Acceptance
Self Confidence
Healing energy for empaths
Awakening power for Light workers
Connects to Angelic Realm
Brings Calmness
Brings ancient knowledge
Removes fear of ones power

Clear Quartz: Associated with the Fire and Sun elements, clear quartz emanates white rays, and healers use it to help align the subtle bodies and chakras – particularly the Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra, and Soul Star Chakra. As one of the most revered and utilized stones in metaphysical circles today, clear quartz boasts a number of beneficial results when used in vibrational healing sessions and during the practice of meditation.
Lemurian Seed Crystals emanate a very Yin or Feminine energy and are powerful tools for enhancing meditation and healing work. Lemurians seeds are structured to allow one to “climb” up the etheric levels of the body (the 7 Chakras and levels of being), and out the Crown and Soul Star Chakras for astral travel. They also are powerful in assisting one in communications with Spiritual Guides and Angels. These crystals are excellent to use in healing energy work for the removal of strong energy blockages. The Lemurian Vibration programmed into these wands opens the heart chakra, allows for healing and expression of divine love and compassion and is excellent to cut the outdated emotional ties that bind one to another person.
Turquonite balances and evens out mood fluctuations and brings inner peace. Helps in decreasing an overly critical state of mind, selfishness, stress, pain, and rudeness; increases subtlety and tact.

Length: 16 inches

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